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A tool of Sustainable Business- Zero Defect - Zero Effect

Zero defect – Product with no defect, the manufacturing or product realization process should be such so that product does not come back (get rejected) from India as well as world market. We may include Skill enhancement, Team Motivation, Effective Social Environment, Team Coordination, leadership and a system where we learn from our mistakes by taking adequate action to reduce defect repeatedly as a tools for Zero Defect. India is a good market and most of the industry sector already adopted above tools, the need is to promote and explore opportunity to implement these tools effectively which lead to Zero Defect.

Zero effect - Think about environment, the manufacturing process or product realization process should not have an adverse effect on our environment. Manufacturing process should be environmental friendly by controlling releases of discharge to the Environment (Air, Water Land etc) after adequate treatment. Environment is an important subject of our life and it should not be affected by any activity through which we are making product. Basically it should follow the principla of "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Written By: Ankur Sangal Ankur Sangal, Dated: 24/05/2015 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend

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