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Declutter Thoughts from Your Powerful Mind -Need for Multi-Tasking, How Helps-Know More
Your Mind is full of Thoughts, Jobs, Performances, Homework, Appointment, Assignments and Lots more - Un Cut them or DeClutter them. Your Mind is Powerful and is needed to be Managed in Powerful Way.
Declutting is the Way of Evaluating the Value of the Things Happening in Your Mind and Manage them in Rationale Way. Get Rid of Items those are Not Important for a Particular Point of Time and further Place them in Rightly Manner for Another Occasion when it is Needed.
If your Mind is not Relaxed Enough, rather Always Preoccupied with Work, Pressure and Lot Many Things Happening and to do - one or more at one point of time, then your Productivity comes down, and your Life goes in Stress.
Multi tasking does not mean doing many things at one time, it means managing multi task, prioritizing the multi task in such a way those do not hamper one task with other - Remove some tasks out of many to do at a particular time and perform a valuable work at valuable time - is decluttering.
Know more - info@ursindia.com
Written By: Mukesh Singhal Mukesh Singhal, Dated: 17/01/2016 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend

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