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The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is a Ground Breaking Alliance of Companies, Trade Unions and Voluntary Organisations which Promotes the Implementation of Corporate Codes of Practices that cover Supply Chain Working Conditions. The Ultimate Goal is to Ensure that the Working Conditions of Workers Producing for the US and European Market Meet or Exceed International Labour Standards. The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Produces Guidelines Aimed at the Promotion and the Improvement of Ethical Trade. The Code of Conduct has been Elaborated in the Europe by an Alliance of Companies, Non - Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Trade Union Organisations.

It is Composed of Two Key Elements- the ETI Base Code www.ethicaltrade.org and the Accompanying Principles of Implementation. ETI has Developed a Code of Labour Practice-the 'Base Code'-Reflecting the Most Relevant International Standards with Respect to Labour Practices which will be Used as the Basis of its Work under the Form of 9 Elements.

URS -www.ursindia.com, is in Partnership with - Acordia Global Compliance, USA conduct ETI Base Code Audits using SMETA (Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit) Methodology.

Competent Audit Team Members of URS Conducts the Audit & Provides Factual Report of the Audit Prepared Inline with Requirements & the Formats followed by SEDEX. Also URS assists Facilities to upload the Reports on SEDEX.
Any Manufacturing Unit and Service Providers, Involved in General House Cleaning of Facilities and Providing Staff for Installation and Service of equipment Transport and Personnel Services and Warehousing Logistics Contractors can Undergo SMETA Audits Based on ETI Code.

Written By: Raju Wamanrao Hallur Raju Wamanrao Hallur, Dated: 29/01/2015 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend

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