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Lead Auditor
ISO 50001:2011 Lead Auditor Course
The aim of this course is to equip existing auditors of other management system standards with the knowledge and skills required to perform audits of energy management systems against ISO 50001, in accordance with ISO 19011, and ISO 17021, as applicable.
Participants will be able to: A. Knowledge a) Explain the purpose of an energy management system and the business and environmental benefits of improving energy performance. b) With regard to ISO 50001: - Explain the interrelationship between Management Responsibility, Energy Policy,Energy Planning, Implementation of Policy, Checking Performance, Management Review and Continual Improvement. - Explain the terminology defined in the standard. Plan, conduct, report and follow up an audit of an energy management systems to establish conformance (or otherwise) with ISO 50001 and in accordance with ISO 19011 (and ISO 17021 where appropriate). B. Skills a) Planning the audit b) Conducting the audit c) Auditing Energy Management System Requirements d) Generating audit findings e) Reporting the Audit

We organize this Training programe with collaboration M/S Avanta Global Pte Ltd. Singapore .

The course contains a combination of tutored sessions, practical exercises and discussions. The topics covered during the course are following Greenhouse Gas Inventory Design and Development; organizational boundary; operational boundary; Direct GHG Emissions; Energy Indirect GHG Emissions; Other indirect GHG Emissions; Quantification of GHG Emissions; Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory Report; Requirements of developing Greenhouse gas emission reduction project etc
A. Participants to this course must have successfully completed previously 05 days (IRCA Certificated) Lead Auditor course in any other discipline (QMS/ EMS/ OHSAS 18001 etc). B. Prior Knowledge: Participants to this course are expected to have the following prior knowledge: • Knowledge of management systems audit, preferably through completion of a Lead Auditor course in another discipline. • Knowledge of the requirements of ISO 50001 and, • Knowledge of the following energy management principles and concepts: - the principles of fuel combustion, heat transfer and energy flow - the relevant sources of energy regulation, guidelines and standards - the typical methods and technologies for increasing efficiency - energy measurement units, sources, costs, tariffs and scheduling - energy use data analysis methods - energy performance indicators, monitoring and performance measurement - the impact of organisational processes and equipment on energy efficiency - electricity use: motors, drives, lighting, computers.
This course has been designed with input and feedback internationally from a number of trainers, customers and training consultants. The course design reflects a high level of interaction between the trainer and the participants. It is built upon the participants input all throughout the course. This input by being mapped on the classroom walls will help the participants follow and remember the course structure and content.
05 Days
URS courses are held at URS in house training room, hotels and various in-house training centers. However, they can be held at the customer's premises, if required.
37500 Plus GST

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