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THERMOGRAPHY AUDITS in Samalkha for Petrolieum

Infrared Thermography is a science of using electronic optical devices to detect and measure radiation and correlating that to surface temperature.Thermal imagers can convert infrared radiation being emitted from the body into electric signals and thus present them visually. Infrared Thermography is the latest analysis tool for the detailed energy audit as the thermal cameras are powerful tool in viewing wall cavity insulation, ceiling insulation, moisture related problems. Several areas in electrical installations are not easily identified using conventional methods but these are able to locate with Thermal Imaging. Infrared Thermography is one solution for diagnosis used to determine the most effective plan of action to make the electrical installation more energy efficient.

Energy Audits include Energy Audis Walk through, preliminary and detailed Energy Audits and Infrared Thermography Assessments in the various industries such as Electrical, Construction, in Petrolieum in Cities in Samalkha India.

Thermography Energy Audit by URS indicates organization's adherence to efficient energy saving technologies and measures using thermal cameras and as truly Auditing Firm, offers Value Auditing Services in Energy Auditing by suggesting energy efficient measures within the deep insulation, wall cavity etc. Auditing Services of URS are designed to meet Global Standards that deliver Credibility in adoption of Energy Saving Measures using thermal imaging. To achieve this objective, professionally trained auditors having expertise in thermal imaging are deputed to identify 'Opportunities and Measures for Improvements' in Energy Auditing.


  • Non-compliance with the legislation and best practices related to electrical safety on micro level.

  • Provide significant preventive service and maintenance, building condition, Production Monitoring etc.

  • A thermal imaging makes anomalies visible,

  • It makes an exact search for errors or possible faults.

  • It ensures checking of materials and components without any damage and exposed to problems before malfunction can occur.

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THERMOGRAPHY AUDIT Certification Services in Samalkha for Petrolieum

thermography_audit Certification in Samalkha is issued by URS. The thermography_audit is applicable to all type of Organizations such as thermography_audit for Hospital & Health Care in Samalkha, thermography_audit for Trading in Samalkha, thermography_audit for Manufacturing in Samalkha, thermography_audit for Service Companies in Samalkha, thermography_audit for Software Companies in Samalkha, thermography_audit for Medical Devices in Samalkha, thermography_audit Construction in Samalkha can implement the ISO system as per thermography_audit and URS awards the UKAS accredited thermography_audit Certification in Samalkha.

Training Services in Samalkha for Petrolieum

thermography_audit Lead Auditor Trainings are delivered by URS in samalkha. Lead Auditor Training Courses are designed such that the participants gains the subject knowledge and auditing skills, the auditor courses are accredited by IRCA, UK - International Register of Certificated Auditors, UK. Organizations can apply to IRCA Accredited thermography_audit Lead Auditor Trainings in samalkha to URS at training@ursindia.com.

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URS Global Group offers various services Worldwide, many of the services hold accreditations where applicable. Each accreditation follows a uniform management system which is operated by a separate legal entity within the group. For status of individual scheme and accreditation, please contact URS at info@ursindia.com or the website of the accreditation body.

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