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Overview about New ISO 9001 quality management

ISO 9001 Standard certification belongs to the family of ISO 9000 quality management systems. The certification designates a company entirely capable of meeting their customer’s requirement and is persistently working on improving the quality of their products and services. ISO 9001 is crowned as the widely used management system in the world today. 

What’s ISO 9001?

An ISO 9001 certification dignifies a company that it ensures business risk identification and control, its protection, customer satisfaction along with accomplishing statutory and regulatory requirements in relation to the product. ISO 9001 singularly stands as the directed audit against any third party assessment purposes. 

ISO 9001 is globally adopted which is attributed to majority of factors listed as follows:
  1. Several major purchasers insist on their suppliers to be ISO 9001 certified.
  2. A Risk Based approach in implementing management system to mitigate business and operational risks.
  3. Number of stakeholders benefits
  4. A series of studies have analyzed the compelling financial benefits for companies that are certified to ISO 9001.

New structure of ISO 9001 Standard has aligned with the common ten clauses to ensure greater harmonization among its many different management system standards. The new standard is risk based process approach based. This standard will help organizations for integrate the requirements of more than one ISO Management system standard.

The Main differences in content between the new and old version?

The adoption of the high level structure as set out in Annex SL of ISO Directives Part 1, 
An explicit requirement for risk-based thinking to support and improve the understanding and application of the process approach, 
Fewer prescriptive requirements, 
More flexibility regarding documentation Improved applicability for services, 
A requirement to define the boundaries of the QMS Increased emphasis on organizational context,
Increased leadership requirements,
Greater emphasis on achieving desired process results to improve customer satisfaction,
Clauses for ISO 9001:2015 certification are:
Section 1: Scope
Section 2: Normative references
Section 3: Terms and definitions
Section 4: Content of the organization
Section 5: Leadership
Section 6: Planning for the quality management system
Section 7: Support
Section 8: Operation
Section 9: Performance evaluation
Section 10: Improvement
There are some guidance for understand the requirement of ISO 9001:2015.
Understand your firm and determined inner issues such as related to values, culture, knowledge and performance of the firm and external issues arising from legal, technological, competitive, market, cultural, social and economic environments, whether global, national, regional or local.   
Who are the relevant interested parties (the preferred term to stakeholders) and what are their needs? Generally customers of course – so what do they want? always better products/services as per their needs, and on time. Other interested parties could be end users, suppliers, distributors,  retailers  or  others  in  the  supply  chain, regulators etc.
You need to determine QMS scope and where are the boundaries of the management system? What is in and what is out?  This needs to be appropriate to the firm and its objectives
Exclusion term is not now used and replaced by applicability and non applicability.
You need to document the scope.
There is no change in this requirement just an improved the version.
You need to determine what your processes are (including support/management processes.)
There is more here; top management now has to have a greater involvement in the management system.
Customers have to demonstrate their commitment by making sure that the management system achieves its intended outcome and has adequate resources. Also they have to inform everyone that the management system is important and that everyone should participate in its successful implementation.
The ISO 9001 policy has been strengthened More Focus on application of the policy across the firm. There is a need for “documented information”, as opposed to a documented statement.
Top level commitment & empowerment of senior management has been raised up now, and of course now the responsibility will not lie on one customer. Job descriptions are a good way to define roles and responsibilities.
Risk Based Thinking is a fresh and welcome addition to ISO 9001.
How will the firm prevent, or reduce, undesired effects? How will the organization firm that it can achieve its intended outcomes   and continual improvement?
One big plus is that preventive action does not appear now. The assumption is that the risk management process has features which create inherent preventive actions via the improvement cycle.
The requirements around QMS ISO 9001 objectives have been also create more detailed.  They are to be consistent with the ISO 9001 Standard policy, measurable practicable, monitored, communicated, and updated as suitable. They have to be established at relevant functions and levels.
Written By: Admin, Dated: 26/07/2016 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend
Declutter Thoughts from Your Powerful Mind -Need for Multi-Tasking, How Helps-Know More
Your Mind is full of Thoughts, Jobs, Performances, Homework, Appointment, Assignments and Lots more - Un Cut them or DeClutter them. Your Mind is Powerful and is needed to be Managed in Powerful Way.
Declutting is the Way of Evaluating the Value of the Things Happening in Your Mind and Manage them in Rationale Way. Get Rid of Items those are Not Important for a Particular Point of Time and further Place them in Rightly Manner for Another Occasion when it is Needed.
If your Mind is not Relaxed Enough, rather Always Preoccupied with Work, Pressure and Lot Many Things Happening and to do - one or more at one point of time, then your Productivity comes down, and your Life goes in Stress.
Multi tasking does not mean doing many things at one time, it means managing multi task, prioritizing the multi task in such a way those do not hamper one task with other - Remove some tasks out of many to do at a particular time and perform a valuable work at valuable time - is decluttering.
Know more - info@ursindia.com
Written By: Mukesh Singhal, Dated: 17/01/2016 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend
Business Risk Assurance through Effective 2015 version of ISO 9001

Business Risk Assurance Standard - ISO 9001:2015 - New ISO Standard enables Business Process Improvements through Risk Assurance.
ISO 9001:2015 enables Risk Based thinking in the processes, which means, identification of Risk and Opportunities in Business Processes and apply tools to mitigate and control so as to provide assurance to Client and Stakeholders.
Process Approach has been strengthen to incorporate Risk Based thinking. This requires processes to build associated risks along with other process components such as Man, Material, Machine, Method and now plus 'Risk'.
Risk is perceived threat - actual or potential threat and when it is incorporated into the process approach, this minimizes the process failure and strengthen the process delivery.
This inbuild system of process approach with Risk and Opportunity enables organizations to improve and deliver products and services consistently.

Written By: Mukesh Singhal, Dated: 27/12/2015 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend
Development in Energy Audit in May 2015

1. URS has signed a contract with Sarens Heavy Lifts India for conducting Energy and Electrical Audit in their office building in New Delhi

2. Conducted Energy Audit in Meenakshi Polymer, Haridwar

Written By: Ashok Kumar, Dated: 03/06/2015 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend
A tool of Sustainable Business- Zero Defect - Zero Effect

Zero defect – Product with no defect, the manufacturing or product realization process should be such so that product does not come back (get rejected) from India as well as world market. We may include Skill enhancement, Team Motivation, Effective Social Environment, Team Coordination, leadership and a system where we learn from our mistakes by taking adequate action to reduce defect repeatedly as a tools for Zero Defect. India is a good market and most of the industry sector already adopted above tools, the need is to promote and explore opportunity to implement these tools effectively which lead to Zero Defect.

Zero effect - Think about environment, the manufacturing process or product realization process should not have an adverse effect on our environment. Manufacturing process should be environmental friendly by controlling releases of discharge to the Environment (Air, Water Land etc) after adequate treatment. Environment is an important subject of our life and it should not be affected by any activity through which we are making product. Basically it should follow the principla of "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Written By: Ankur Sangal, Dated: 24/05/2015 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend

ISO 22000 International Standard specifies Requirements for a Food Safety Management System where an Organization in the Food Chain needs to Demonstrate its Ability to Control Food Safety Hazards in Order to Ensure that Food is Safe at the Time of Human Consumption.
It is Applicable to All Type Organizations, Regardless of Size, which are Involved in Any Aspect of the Food Chain.

Ensure such Food Safety Requirements through Effective Auditing Process.

Standard ISO 22000 sets the Requirements for Effective Communications of Food Safety Issues, Demonstrate Compliance with Applicable Statutory and Regulatory Food Safety Requirements.

Standard aim to providing products that according to their intended use are safe for the consumers with the help of maintained and updated FSMS.

Sustainable Development in Food Safety takes care by URS Auditors in India and Worldwide while Auditing.

FSSC 22000 defines requirements for integrated processes that work together to control and minimize food safety hazards.

The FSSC 22000 system uses a management systems approach to food safety, using ISO 22000 for the management system requirements and ISO Technical Standards or Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) for prerequisite program requirements.

URS is System Certification Body and Certifies against Requirements of ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 Worldwide.
Therefore, Organizations those Demonstrate Compliance against ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000, the Certificate of Food Safety Management systems are Issued by URS worldwide.

Recognition of Certification through Client Listing can be accessed through URS website www.ursindia.com/client/client_view.aspx

ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 Company can use URS logo as per Certification and Logo Regulations.

ISO 22000 Standard is Applicable to all Organizations which are involved in any aspects of the food chain. 

Written By: Aditi Kulshreshtha, Dated: 25/02/2015 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend


Global Traffic Safety Situation is a ”Human Catastrophe”, with More Than 1.3 million Fatalities Each Year and Approx. 20-50 Million Seriously Injured.

By 2030, Injuries Generated within the Road Transport System will be the 5th Most Common Reason for Loss of Life, Hartzell, PRAISE, Athens March 17th 2011 (Projected by WHO).

Traffic Injuries are the Largest Cause of Mortality in the 10-24 Age Group (10%) (source: The Lancet).

ISO 39001 RTS Requires Organizations to Identify and Analyse RTS Performance Factors such as:
• Exposure factors,
• Final safety outcome factors,
• Intermediate safety outcome factors

Management System under ISO 39001 Enables Organizations for a RTS to Ensure Reduction and Ultimately Eliminate the Incidence and Risk to Health and Serious Injury related to Road Traffic Accidents. These Elimination can include Targets for Final and Intermediate Outcomes, as well as Organizational Outputs.

Govt. Public, Private Organizations of All Types and Sizes, as well as Individual Road Users, Fleet Owners, Road Transporters, BPOs, Schools, Taxi Operators, Road Regulators have a role to play.

It will also be of Interest to Organizations those Manages Road Networks in Cities in India.

URS is ISO 39001 Management System Certification body and conducts assessments against ISO 39001 RTS. Recognition of Certification for ISO Certified Clients are recorded on URS website and details shall be accessed through 'Client Zone'.


• Standard is a practical tool to reduce death and serious injury due to road accidents,
• RTS enables a system to reduce and eliminate road risks that helps thousands of lives,
• Standard specifies harmonized requirements based on country requirements,
• Creates awareness on driving, vehicle conditions.

For Details can be viewed from www.ursindia.com/ISO_39001.aspx. For information contact to URS at info@ursindia.com

Written By: Mukesh Singhal, Dated: 13/02/2015 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend

The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is a Ground Breaking Alliance of Companies, Trade Unions and Voluntary Organisations which Promotes the Implementation of Corporate Codes of Practices that cover Supply Chain Working Conditions. The Ultimate Goal is to Ensure that the Working Conditions of Workers Producing for the US and European Market Meet or Exceed International Labour Standards. The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Produces Guidelines Aimed at the Promotion and the Improvement of Ethical Trade. The Code of Conduct has been Elaborated in the Europe by an Alliance of Companies, Non - Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Trade Union Organisations.

It is Composed of Two Key Elements- the ETI Base Code www.ethicaltrade.org and the Accompanying Principles of Implementation. ETI has Developed a Code of Labour Practice-the 'Base Code'-Reflecting the Most Relevant International Standards with Respect to Labour Practices which will be Used as the Basis of its Work under the Form of 9 Elements.

URS -www.ursindia.com, is in Partnership with - Acordia Global Compliance, USA conduct ETI Base Code Audits using SMETA (Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit) Methodology.

Competent Audit Team Members of URS Conducts the Audit & Provides Factual Report of the Audit Prepared Inline with Requirements & the Formats followed by SEDEX. Also URS assists Facilities to upload the Reports on SEDEX.
Any Manufacturing Unit and Service Providers, Involved in General House Cleaning of Facilities and Providing Staff for Installation and Service of equipment Transport and Personnel Services and Warehousing Logistics Contractors can Undergo SMETA Audits Based on ETI Code.

Written By: Raju Wamanrao Hallur, Dated: 29/01/2015 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend

ISO 20000 Standard for InformationTechnology Service Management System is a benchmarking of international best practice to deliver managed services, measure service levels, and assess service performance.

URS Assessed UTI INFRASTRUCTURE TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES LIMITED as per the requirement of ISO 20000-1:2011 standard and certifies.

ISO 20000 Information technology Service management System details requirement for:

* Service management system general requirements
* Design and transition of new or changed services
* Service delivery processes
* Relationship processes
* Resolution processes
* Control processes

URS is System Certification Body and Certifies Against Requirements of ISO 20000 Worldwide. Therefore, Organizations those Demonstrate Compliance Against ISO 20000, the Certificate of ITES are Issued by URS worldwide. Recognition of Certification through Client Listing can be accessed through URS website http://www.ursindia.com/client/client_view.aspx

ISO 20000 Company can use URS logo as per Certification and Logo Regulations.

ISO 20000 Standard is Applicable to All Types of Organizations Irrespective of Size, Nature or Geography. 

Written By: Ankur Sangal, Dated: 27/12/2014 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend
ISO 27001 is based on Enterprise Risk Assessment

ISO 27001:2013 is revised version of ISMS standard based on Enterprise Risk Assessment focused on understating of Organizational Internal and External Aspects to cater all types of risk.

A Road Map for Information Security management System:

  •  Create Security Council
  •  Define scope of ISMS
  •  Define Security Policy
  •  Risk Assessment
  •  Identify Assets
  •  Identify Threats and Vulnerabilities
  •  Evaluate Probability and Impact
  •  Calculate Risk Value
  •  Risk Management
  •  Identify Controls to manage the risks
  •  Implement controls (processes)
  •  Evaluate controls periodically
  •  Improve
Written By: Ankur Sangal, Dated: 27/12/2014 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend

Automotive Sector has Always been about Stiff Competition. The Dynamics of Business Changes Rapidly with the evelopments of Accessible Technologies. The only Trick of Trade to Remain Ahead from Your Closest Competitor is to Know and Manage your Process Effectively Maintaining Optimum Quality, Pricing and Delivery Commitments with Zero Defect and Zero Effect Deliver of Products and

Services ISO/TS16949:2009 Standard Forms One of the Effective and Proved Management System Certification which helps to:

 - Know and Manage the Processes Effectively,

 - Identify the Expectations of your Customers and

 - Groom an Organisation to Meet the Criteria for Global Supplier Status of OEM’s following Global Vendor Management System Concepts of Process Stability, Variation, Capability, Error Proofing and

others are predominantly promoted and imbibed in the management system complying to ISO/TS 16949 requirements URS is a System Certification Body which is involved in:

- Certification against Requirements of ISO/TS 16949

- Provide Open-house training on stated concepts of Process Study and Management, Requirements of ISO/TS16949, QC Tools and others as per need of the industry.

URS India, QMS Certification through Effective Auditing Process.

URS as Certification Body provides further details on enquiry at enquiry@ursindia.com and on www.ursindia.com

Written By: Suraj Ghildiyal, Dated: 26/12/2014 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend

ISO 26000 International Standard Provides Guidance Relating to Core Issues of Social Responsibility, Ways to Achieve Sustainable Development by Engaging all Stakeholders, and Implementing Socially Responsible Policies and Practices throughout the Organization. URS in India, see  ensure such Social Accountability Compliance through Effective Auditing Process.

Standard ISO 26000 sets the Requirements for Health, Safety, Environmental, Ethical Trade Practices and Principles for the Ultimate Objective to Achieve Sustainable Development which URS Auditors in India and Worldwide take care while Auditing.

URS is System Certification Body and Certifies Against Requirements of ISO 26000 Worldwide. Therefore, Organizations those Demonstrate Compliance Against ISO 26000, the Certificate of Social Responsibility are Issued by URS worldwide. Recognition of Certification through Client Listing can be accessed through URS website http://www.ursindia.com/client/client_view.aspx

ISO 26000 Company can use URS logo as per Certification and Logo Regulations.

ISO 26000 Standard is Applicable to All Types of Organizations Irrespective of Size, Nature or Geography.

Written By: Admin, Dated: 24/12/2014 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend
There are Leaders and there are Followers. Followers Follow Leaders. Leaders are Followers too. But they don't Follow the Crowd. They Follow their Gut. they follow their instinct. they dance to the beat of their own Drum. They have the Puls because they follow their dream. They go against all odds. They're the oddballs, the bizarre, the weirdos, the freaks, the dreamers, the unique. They're hip-hop; they're punk rock; they're geek; they're chic; They are artists; the black sheep... and a lot of people think they are outcasts, cast from society, but the reality is, they are an army, a strange imaginative wild and complex and beautiful people. And they are leaders. They are cultural taste makers; they're trailblazers. These are the people that set the stage. These are the people that rock the stage. They're the ones who think of things you can't fathom and imagine the things that have not been imagined.
Written By: Komal Vasa, Dated: 18/10/2014 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend

Auditing Services Offer Value to Industries to Make and Strength Approach of Organizations Towards 'ZERO DEFECT AND ZERO EFFECT'
Auditing is an Independent and Objective Based Process to Provide Assurance of System Implementation to Add Value and Improve an Organization’s Operations.
Organizations by Implementing ISO 9001Quality Management System Demonstrates their Ability to Manage Quality Processes so as to Deliver Products and Services without ‘Defects’ and Consistently Deliver such Defect Free Product to be Able to Enhance ‘Customer Satisfaction’
Auditing by URS against ISO 9001 Standard Add Valuable ‘Opportunity for Improvements’ to Enable Organizations to Identify Business Risks from Quality Processes Failure and Actions to Control such Risks and Consistently Improve and Deliver ‘Zero Defect’ Products to Customers.


ISO 22301 specifies requirements to plan and manage and continually improve a documented management system to protect against, reduce the likelihood of occurrence, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptive incidents when they arise.

Compliant to ISO 22301 Demonstrate to Stakeholders that the Organisation is prepared for Disruptive Incidents that could Otherwise Affect Achieving Organisational Objectives.

Organizations, not only, Consistently Able to Deliver 'Zero Defect' Products but also Protect Business Threats.

Written By: Mukesh Singhal, Dated: 17/10/2014 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend

Societal Security Requirements Established through ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management–BCM is International Standards to establish, manage and maintain Business Continuity of an Organisation. URS India, ensure Business Continuity Compliance through Effective Auditing. It specify requirements to identify contingencies of the Business, Business Threats those have possible impact on the continuity of the businesses. It establishes management system to take measures to mitigate the business contingencies, business threats so that the business continuity of an organisation is maintained.

ISO 22301 Demonstrate Organization's Ability to Plan, Establish, Implement, Maintain and Continually Improve a Business Continuity Management System to Protect Against, Reduce the likelihood of Occurrence, Prepare for, Respond to, and Recover from Disruptive Incidents when they arise URS is System Certification Body and Certifies Against Requirements of ISO 22301 Worldwide. Therefore, Organizations those Demonstrate Compliance Against ISO 22301, the Certificate of Business Continuity are Issued by URS worldwide.

Recognition of Certification through Client Listing can be accessed through URS website http://www.ursindia.com/client/client_view.aspx In the current scenario of matured ISO 9001 implemented unit, or to say, for an organization has a further scope to adopt ISO 22301 to secure Business Continuity. Requirements are on www.ursindia.com

Written By: Mukesh Singhal, Dated: 26/09/2014 Source: URS Media , Mail to Friend
URS Global Group offers various services Worldwide, many of the services hold accreditations where applicable. Each accreditation follows a uniform management system which is operated by a separate legal entity within the group. For status of individual scheme and accreditation, please contact URS at info@ursindia.com or the website of the accreditation body.

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