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Business Responsibility Reports SEBI Requirements in Agartala for Hotels And Restaurants

Sustainability Reporting is the practice of measuring and publicly disclosing an organization’s key social, economic and environmental performance, and being accountable to internal and external stakeholders. It is a public report on non-financial performance of the company.

SEBI mandated inclusion of Business Responsibility Report (BRR) as a part of the Annual Report for top 100 listed entities based on market capitalisation at BSE and NSE. Business Responsibility Report is a disclosure regarding adoption of responsible business practices by a listed company to all its stakeholders.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India came out with National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business. Business Responsibility Reports adoptsthe principles outlined in these guidelines.SEBI also requires the companies to disclose whether any independent audit/evaluation has been carried out.

URS carries out assurance of Business Responsibility Report in line with SEBI requirements so as to ensure transparency and validity of reported information.

Sustainability Reporting Frameworks:


URS is an Independent Assessment and Certification Body offering value added services Worldwide. URS group holds accreditations and recognitions by internationally reputed Board and carries out certifications, assessments and trainings

  • URS is AA 1000 AS Licensed Assurance Provider for Sustainability Reporting Assurance,
  • URS is Organizational Stakeholder of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
  • URS is Assessment and Certification body with World over presence and ensures credible Reporting Assurance,
  • URS follow impartial management system under group with accreditations and recognitions from International Accreditation Boards for various Schemes,
  • Particulars of Reported organizations are published on URS website,
  • URS ensures publication of reported organizations various worldwide reporting protocols.

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BUSINESS RESPONSIBILITY REPORTS Certification Services in Agartala for Hotels And Restaurants

Business Responsibility Reports in Agartala is done by URS. The Business Responsibility Reports, CSR, GRI, Corporate Social Reporting are applicable to all type of Organizations such as for Hospital & Health Care in Agartala, Business Responsibility Reports, CSR for Corporates and Manufacturing in Agartala, Business Responsibility Reports for Service Companies in Agartala, Business Responsibility Reports, CSR for Software Companies in Agartala, Business Responsibility Reports, CSR, GRI for Medical Devices in Agartala, Business Responsibility Reports, CSR, GRI Construction in Agartala can implement as per Business Responsibility Reports, AA1000, GRI, CSR and URS awards accredited Business Responsibility Reports in Agartala.

Training Services in Agartala for Hotels And Restaurants

Business Responsibility Reports and CSR Assessor Trainings are delivered by URS in India and in agartala. Assessor Training Courses are designed such that the participants gains the CSR subject knowledge and auditing skills, the auditor courses are widely accepted. Organizations can apply to Business Responsibility Reports and CSR Assessor Trainings in agartala to URS at training@ursindia.com

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URS Global Group offers various services Worldwide, many of the services hold accreditations where applicable. Each accreditation follows a uniform management system which is operated by a separate legal entity within the group. For status of individual scheme and accreditation, please contact URS at info@ursindia.com or the website of the accreditation body.

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