Established in 1994, URS is an International organization with headquarter in the UK. It is a recognized organization and acknowledged leader in the fields of auditing, risk management, governance, training, climate change validation and verification, energy audits and social compliance audits.

URS has been promoted by a group of dynamic professionals who are well acquainted with state-of-the-art technology in certification, inspection and trainings. With offices around the world, the company has serviced millions of organizations, making it a global leader with varied assessment and certification services.

URS is headed by Mr. David Riggs, a visionary having entrepreneurial adeptness and sharp acumen. He has been instrumental in shaping the business group and driving growth. Since inception, the company has been under the canopy of European culture and its objectives have been alignedwith client expectations around the world.

Indian operations were set up in early 2001 by Mr. MukeshSinghal, a man who has since then been leading the organization with competence and professional acumen. Through his endeavours, a joint venture with URS (UK) was formed and he remains instrumental in transforming Mr. David Riggs’ vision into reality. Mr. Singhal’s indomitable will and unshakable dedication have moulded URS and aided in its expansion from Management System Certifications to manifold inspections, pieces of training, products and other certifications. Mr. Singhal now holds the position of Deputy Managing Director of URS Global.

URS is a member of URS Holdings and operates worldwide through a series and network of offices. Currently, the company runs offices present in 44 world hubs and regional offices in over a 100 countries with a hundred thousand certified locations.

Since it’s inception, URS has placed emphasis on building a foundation based on values. Credibility, Confidence, Commitment and Competition or the 4C’s as they are popularly known as, have continued to direct the Group’s growth and business. URS, being allied with URS Holdings has drawn innate strength from these values and all offices have been aligned in their endeavour to uphold them.

Credibility: URS is an independent certification body operating in more than 44 countries within the multinational URS Holdings. The company certifies business ranging from global brands to small, locally owned businesses. It is, therefore, mandatory that our systems act in accordance with the principles governing the conduct of each business and that the right ideals are held up.

Confidence: URS as a group holds accreditations and recognitions by internationally reputed boards such as the UKAS, NABCB, IATF and many more. Group companies worldwide follow a uniform management system and maintain accreditations as individual legal entities providing recognition via the multi-lateral agreement (MLA) across a range of countries. (More information available on the individual accreditation board website for respective accreditation details).

Commitment: As a company established over two decades ago by experienced senior managers around the world, certification and inspection have taken on an almost family-business-like persona. We are dedicated to serving customers and we know what it means to assist a client in their needs to ensure their success. Partnership and pragmatism are vital in today’s business relationship, which is why URS always delivers on its promises and surpasses client expectations.

Competitiveness : URS recognizes the efficiency of services and backs it up with competitive pricing as compared to the current commercial scenario. The organization also invests heavily in IT solutions and staff training. Value-added services are necessary and in order to provide clients with the best possible service, URS has partnered with the URS Academy Businesses to provide essential business services to maintain a significant competitive edge.

Selecting any URS Holding company for your certification needs will leave you feeling assured. We are confident of providing clients with the guarantee of always receiving services backed with the 4C promise, with a firm foundation on values and spearheaded by veterans in the field offering - ‘Reliable Operational Safety’ to your businesses.

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