ISO 22000:2005 - FSMS


(IRCA Certificated No A 17365)


Presented with CMC International (UK) Ltd.


To train potential auditors / lead auditors and to provide detailed knowledge of auditing

processes for ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System and ISO 19011:2002.

The course is also aimed to provide practical training on auditing skills for Food Safety

Management Systems, including HACCP.

At the conclusion of the course, successful delegates should be able to:

•Identify the elements of Food Hygiene and Sanitation, HACCP and Quality;

•Should be able to develop and document Pre-Requisite program;

•Able to identify CCP and Establish HACCP Plan;

•Have the competency to plan, undertake and report results of audits of Food

Safety Management system and to follow-up any consequent corrective


•Outline the skills in auditing food safety management system components

against criteria (such as HACCP, GMP, Legislation, QA) by use of a generic

model for the audit process;

•Identify personal attributes, ethics and values that are desirable to be in

competent food safety auditors;






•Introduction to Food Safety Management System;

•Understanding of the basic conditions and activities necessary to maintain

hygienic environment throughout the food chain to ensure safe food suitable for

human consumption;

•Understanding the purpose, contents and interrelationship of HACCP, general

principles of food hygiene, operational prerequisite programme;

•Interpretation of the requirement of ISO 22000 in the context of an audit;

•Plan and conduct an audit in accordance with ISO 19011;

•Report the audit, including writing valid, factual and value adding


•Good manufacturing practices, good hygienic practices and such other practices

to ensure food safety;

•Evaluation of prerequisite programmes including operational prerequisite


•Identification of hazards, hazard analysis, identification of critical control points

and corrective actions, selection and assessment of control measures;

•Explain the concept of statutory and regulatory requirements in food safety and

emergency preparedness to deal with food safety issues;

•Exercises and exam.


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