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Quality Management System for Telecommunication - TL9000

TL9000 Quality Management System was designed to meet the quality requirements of the worldwide telecommunications industry. It defines the system requirements for design, development, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of telecom products and services and provides a measurement system that allows companies to track performance and improve results.

The benefits of this standard are:

  • For buyers, assurance of consistent quality across all products and services.
  • Improvement to help drive supply chain efficiencies and supplier relationships.
  • Further, the advanced measurement system facilitates analysis against industry benchmarks.
  • Provision of basis for objective product or supplier evaluations to make fully informed supply decisions.
  • For suppliers, a validation of the quality of product, services and customer care that they provide.
  • Reduction in the costs of quality audits with help in creating customized performance reports for current and potential customers.

TL9000 certified organizations have access to performance data reports for benchmarking, that help spur further product and service improvement and continued commitment to quality and business excellence. URS is accredited by UKAS for TL9000 certification.

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