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Aerospace embraces the full spectrum of flight, and the aerospace industry that manufactures the components and equipment for things that fly. The aerospace industry is an energetic and rapidly expanding 21st century winner.
Manufacturing a product as sophisticated as an airplane or space vehicle requires special attention during the production processes with Quality and reliability. Properly maintaining the aircraft is essential for continued safe operation. Therefore, the quality management is important for efficiency and effectiveness, reduction in multiple expectations and a consistency in verification methodology.

The following are URSs services for Aerospace Sector

URS undertakes assessment and certification for all specific aerospace standards and is accredited to issue certifications under ISO/AS9100 by UKAS. URS has professionals and competent AS9100 auditors worldwide with extensive aerospace experience.

URS offers the following system certifications for Aerospace Sector

Quality Management System
The ISO9001 certification aims at providing a global standard that spells out quality and trust. It is a quality management system standard and is applicable to all type of organizations.

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Quality Management System for Aerospace sector
AS9100 is the Quality Systems Aerospace Model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing. The certification can be applied to all areas in aviation like design and manufacture of equipment, airport and airline operations, aircraft accessory supply, spares supply and maintenance. The AS/EN9100 certification enables an organization to demonstrate its commitment to quality, safety and reliability.

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Environment Management System
A system compliant to ISO14001 is a management system dedicated to manage the environmental issues of an organization.

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Occupational Health & Safety Management System
OHSAS18001 is a globally recognized standard for occupational health and safety management system and defines the health and labor protection system of an organization. An OHSAS18001 certification establishes an organization's commitment to provide a safe working environment to protect employees & other concerns.

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Information Security Management System
A certified Information Security Management System compliant to International Standard demonstrates that information is suitably protected. ISO has developed ISO27001 standard in order to overcome the information security shortcomings in organizations.

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Compliant Management System
ISO10002 Complaints Management System provides guidance on the process of complaints handling related to products within an organization, including planning, design, operation, maintenance and improvement.

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HSEQ - Business Branding
HSE-Q Health, Safety & Environment with Quality has become the core business area and has achieved a global status as a Recognized Profession. Adherence to HSE-Q concept is essential tool to success and paves the way of becoming a dominant market leader.

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The Process of Certifying that a Certain Product has Passed Performance and/or Quality Assurance Tests or Qualification Requirements. URS Provides Product Certifications like: CE Certification and GOST- R Certifications.

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An inspection programme is "Checking a product or system against the standards set by the International or National Organization or itself". URS provides both second & third party inspection services.

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Compliance Audit is to determine whether the Auditee is following Prescribed Laws, Regulations, Policies, or Procedures. Compliance Audits can be performed Within Business Organization for Internal Purposes or in Response to Requirements by Outside Groups, Particularly Government.
URS Offers Compliance Auditing and Certification for:
cGMP, WRAP, ROHS, C-TPAT and ISO 3834- Welding Process Compliance

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Training is a medium to enhance the skills and competence of an individual. URS Training & Development Division trains, mentors, evaluates and certifies individuals including Managers, Entrepreneurs, and individuals of Companies, Corporations & Educational Establishments.

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