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David Riggs


David G Riggs:

Before being approached by the certification body, Mr. David Riggs had an eventful career in various industries. He was formally trained in the science and technology of the Paper industry at Robert Gordon’s Institute in Aberdeen. Post which he began his corporate life as a management trainee for the DRG Group in the UK.
David worked his way up to a manager for the finishing operations at Croxley Mills, the main mill of the DRG group. However, after a six-year stint, foreign competition resulted in the closure of the mill.

David Riggs proceeded to work in sales for a short time before pursuing his education again at Bradford University. He then joined the British Standards Institution working for BASEC (British Approvals Service for Electric Cables) – product certification scheme. He was later asked to support the first management scheme operated by BSI for the management standard then known as BS 5750 for telecommunication which involved maintenance of call routing apparatus and installation of equipment.
After working in the sector and then in the electrotechnical sector, David headed up the information technology sector of the BSI Inspectorate for Wales and the South West of England.

He proceeded to start his own independent consultancy business for two years before being a founding member and managing director of URS in May 2004. His innovative ideas, timely decisions and brilliant leadership have resulted in the organization being a front runner in the field.

Mukesh Singhal


Mukesh Singhal:

Mukesh Singhal leads the operation of URS in India, and it was through his endeavour that the forming of a strong joint venture with URS (UK) came to be. A holder of an Honours Degree, an M.Phil in Management, he has contributed over 16 years of competent service in system management improvements. Through his unfailing commitment and dedication, URS has become a global leader in certification and has catered to the needs of thousands of clients in every part of the country. His energy, vision, leadership and spirit havebeen imbibed by URS, a company that lives by his ideals. Mukesh Singhal’s professional expertise and skills include a Diploma in TQM, Environment science and pollution control, food technology, information audits and others. Besides these, he is also a chartered accountant and has written scholarly articles in the field of management.

P. Malicovsky


P. Malicovsky is Director Business Development.
Slyvie Riggs
Sylvie Riggs is Director Human Resource.

Kristel Pitcher
egulatory Affair Director


Kristel Pitcher is Regulatory Affair Director.

Board of Directors - India


Sylvie is Director Human Resource.


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